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• La Clef (Jérôme B.Sedeyn) - chanson
Chanson française
• Funny face mix (J.B.Sedeyn)
Paris Berlin
• Here comes the doubt (J.B.Sedeyn)
Pierre-Marie Bonafos: sax. Mia Sorgenfrei: vocals. mix 51mon Derrasse 2012
• No other world (J.B.Sedeyn)
mit Violette Valdès
• MIT NDOFF - jam
Coumba N'Doffene Diouf is a guitar, n'goni and Kora player, from Sénégal. We met on the web and jammed. That session was recorded with a Zoom, rough, the very first time we met and is totally improvised. We did'nt speak much but we seem to communicate quite good through the instruments. Once again, music is the best of languages. Don't know yet what will come out of it. To be continued... Someday?
• Monkey (J.B.Sedeyn) - Piano
Mastering:J-P Bouquet, L'autre Studio, 1998
• Hands up -cut- (J. B.Sedeyn) - instrumental
• Watch the world (J.B.Sedeyn) 4’01
Tenor sax by Olivier Defays
• Bad girl (J.B.Sedeyn) 4’01
• Your name (J.B.Sedeyn) 1’35
Pierre-Marie Bonafos:clarinettes (arrgt jbs) mastering J-P Bouquet, L’autre studio
• Anteus (J.B.Sedeyn) 3’06
Mixé par Madjid Malki
• Regarde la mer (paroles J-M.Reusser/J.B.Sedeyn musique J.B.Sedeyn) 2’39
• Nothing is gonna break (J.B.Sedeyn)
With a little help from Violette Valdis for the vocals...
• DECLINE BLUES (J.B.Sedeyn) 5'09
• DECLINE BLUES (part two)
• Flying with love (J.B.Sedeyn)
Die Natur ist immer die Schönste
• I’ll never be your man again (J.B.Sedeyn) 4’02
Olivier Defays dropped some saxophone notes over it and the next day, I started snipping all that stuff to pieces, and found some pretty things that I tried to put together, and I finally have some kind of ténor arrangement, that is at least... spontaneous ;-) I did a rough mix and that’s it .
• Not like I (J.B.Sedeyn) 4’37 - nrv
• Never it’s too late (J.B.Sedeyn) 3’31
piano, vocal, 2010/2012...
• For Good (J.B.Sedeyn) 3’46
1997. written for some late singer who probably did’nt hear it (he died a few weeks later)
• Born to be blue (Mel Torme & Robert Wells) 3’07 - Jazz standard, piano voix... (2009)
• Corcovado (Antonio Carlos Jobim) 4’05 - Noelia Moncada: vocal/ Jérôme: piano
... One night session (2006) avec Noélia Moncada, mixé et masterisé par Pierre Batt
• Shall I compare thee (W.Shakespeare/N.Lindberg) 2’25 - Vocal Sara Johansson, piano Jérôme B.Sedeyn (2008?)
A rehearsal with a Swedish singer, Sara Johansson. A few years ago. She had brought this piece which amazed me and made me discover the work of Nils Lindberg, swedish and wonderful composer (born in 1933) who found his inspiration in shakespeare’s words.
• wolves - nature
a small and thrilling audio photograph of a bavarian holiday
• La rivière (J.B.Sedeyn) 4’15 - Impro, piano
mastering:J-P Bouquet, l’autre Studio,1998
• En fuite (J.B.Sedeyn) 4’05 - piano solo
recorded 1993
• Adieu pour toujours jusqu’à la prochaine fois... (J.B.Sedeyn) 4’15 - piano
•  Instru prot D110 2
• cloche

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