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14 mai 2020

Hi there,

That tree was doomed.
I stood up for him, and I got the Condo President’s wrath who arranged with her friends. so that I could not realize the recording studio I had planned.
Today I can no longer touch my grand piano without the radiator resonating from the blows of the neighbor below.
Trained ears will understand
Thanks for yours!
Nothing left to do now but to sell my flat and find myself a house.
Nicht so einfach!
I’m happy for the tree.
At Crystal-Silence...
13 févr. 2020

I recently started some kind of collaboration with Dan Katz & Peter Rahe at Crystal silence, a new and very professional Berlin studio. We did some recordings at random and this one is the first published... follow the link below.
1 déc. 2016

Added two videos on youtube.
Just piano.
Thanks for listening &.... sharing?
7 nov. 2016

I added some piano-bar-demo videos on Youtube:
intense et varié,
24 sept. 2015

To make it short: I’ll play (in Berlin)jazz standards & more with Brie Pasko October 2nd in Brauhaus Südstern, https://www.facebook.com/events/1613316205608725/
And on the third, I’ll be playing some background music in caféKalwil (from 3 to 6:00 pm).
I also recorded a piano track for a nice happy song by Daniel Ondaro http://danielondaro.com/ and this Wochenende I’ll be playing in the gardens of the château de Chantilly with Tandem à plumes, http://www.tandemaplumes.fr/ a fine street art company. To be continued...
Circus & else
5 juin 2015

What I’m I doing these days?
Well, times are tough, and it’s not so easy to make ends meet. But I’m happy to be a musician, despite the darker moments which are necessary for appreciating the good ones...
Now for a few more shows, I play piano for the académie Fratellini, one of the most famous french circus schools, improvising according to the movements of 8 young passionate, bright and outstanding artists, acrobats, tightrope walkers, boys & girls. Lots of fun, and much more.
I still go to Ville-Evrard Psychiatric hospital,once or twice a month to play while the residents sing, and it’s fun too.
Then I’ll fly back to Berlin next week and work with Brieann Pasko, brilliant young singer (check her site, link below) that I met last fall. We’re building a repertoire of jazz standards, and it doesn’t pay yet but it should and hopefully it will in the next future.
Voilà. To be continued.
Visit the site
Well... Take it easy, & else
22 sept. 2014

Let us say it’s a demo mix, and it lacks of a crowd of nice voices to be complete... and anyway you won’t here the whole thing because the -Grrrrrr!- server doesn’t accept files bigger as 10Mo (I will find a way A.S.A.P!!!) and also, I’ll should have a very different berliner version soon (hi Matteo) but I think that this song deserves to be heard. Am I wrong?

Precisions utiles il me semble...
13 août 2014

I am not a front man, I never was led by the desire of personal media success, otherwise in a collective context, as a member of a band, but that didn’t happen.
Anyway I have neither the charisma nor the necessary talent.
What I like above all is sharing music (not only mine) with musicians, singers, and everyone.
I always wrote music and songs, but it’s just due to some circumstances that I was for a time in front. i did not decide. I just wanted to be a musician
Today I wish that the quality of my songs and music could finally seduce some bankable interpreters & publishers that may help. And I know I repeat myself, but I dare to believe that each one could find here something suitable to his own taste.
17 févr. 2014

It’s not so easy to keep on doing lots of different things, starting new projects, and writing daily about it. So, to make it short :


I’ve met a versatile guitar-cora-n’goni player from Senegal with whom I had two interesting sessions. We’ll probably play together again in the next months.
I loaded 2 tracks on the music page, Mit Ndoffène 1 & 2 that give an idea of the things we could do together.


Otherwise, I started recording and composing in a 21st century way. Usually I do everything with the instruments, playing the whole piano track, then learning the other parts, one after the other, bass, guitar, vocals and more. That takes a lot of time when you want to be « authentic».
For DECLINE BLUES, I tried something new to me. I hope you will enjoy it...


20 déc. 2013

This picture was published in a famous (then)french pop magazine called SALUT LES COPAINS in february 1969 if my memory does not weaken. It was taken on the steps of the Opéra, gathering most of the groups which at that time regularly played at the GOLF DROUOT, chosen by HENRI LEPROUX, nicest of all the club owners I ever knew (his wife Colette held the cash register, but I never remember having paid the entrance, she was as nice as her husband)
This parisian Temple of rock’n roll was then situated at the corner of rue Drouot and Boulevard des Italiens, above a CAFE D’ANGLETERRE nowadays, and since a long time, destroyed and replaced by a Mac Do.
24 août 2013

Today PARIS BERLIN PARIS is also available on bandcamp.com
Thanks for your support!
14 juil. 2013

Today july 14th, Paris Berlin Paris is now available on almost all the music websites: Itunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer etc... You can now pay and get the songs of your choice downloaded, or the whole album if you like.
For the real thing, with all its features (sleeve, booklet) you’ll have to buy it through the site...
Thanks for telling your friends too;-)
Lost in the woods
7 mai 2013

Roaming on our bikes in the near-Berlin forest, in the midst of nowhere, we fell, Juliane & I on this strange faun that an anonymous sculptor extracted from his wooden gangue and offered to the sight of the lost wayfarers. Us.

I found him very impressive
bric à brac/instrumental drafts oldies
19 mars 2013

Looking for the master of a song that I would like to put on the cd, I fell on those machines made instrumentals that I did in the 80/90 and that I had almost forgotten. Fun. Maybe a bit naïve... It has nothing to do with the rest...;-) Finally, I upload 2 of them at the end of the list. Maybe some of you will enjoy despite the obsolete sound?
Alimentaire, sans doute, mais pas que
16 mars 2013

The english version may come... Later. Sorry. Try french?
Februar in Spinnrad mit Stefan Thimm (drums), Erich Abshagen (double bass) und guests...
13 févr. 2013

Erich is quite an amazing character. He is the only musician I’ve known until now who is always first on stage, and installing, not only his gear, but also the equipment that I’m going to use myself, meaning His piano and His sound system!
Usually, in such circumstances, I always lend a hand, taking my share of the work. But with this guy? No way!
I hardly have the right to unfold a mike stand and place it where I need it beside the keyboard. Then... I watch him carefully plugging and I wait until everything is ready to play.
This evening, the first tunes are a little bit hesitating, the music gets flustered a little. It’s been a while since the last gig we played, and it takes some time to get back together. But I intend to relax, and if the first set is, should I say, a little difficult, at the the beginning of the second the level clearly improves.
For the first time in my whole life, and only because Erich asked me to do it, as he’s selling me here aus Paris...(Here I consider useful to mention that it occurred me to play piano bar in England and in the U.S and I found it rather valuing to be there. But they introduced me as Direct from Paris ... And in Birmingham for example they even printed a french-can-can dancer, leg up, on the poster! When the music I played -except mine- was, and is still mostly of american and english origin.
I know it’s quite stupid of me but I felt a little annoyed)... So I sang les feuilles mortes and que reste-t-il de nos amours in french, and the Spinnrad’s customers showed a loud approval.
I insist on the fact that I rarely sang any french songs except those that I wrote myself. And it felt strange (I guess I am, indeed!).
Probably, being far from Paris makes me less afraid...
Then Ralph Rothkegel and Dirk Engelhard joined us, respectively Baryton and tenor saxes, both bright and versatile players.
The audience became more and more enthusiastic, and all of us musicians too, naturally.
I don’t remember exactly how it happened but there was a moment when I found myself playing Body and soul in a duet with Ralph and it suddenly became more intime. Then, for I thought about you, the extremely attentive listening and the warm applauses which followed were a very nice surprise to me. I had a wonderful feeling -and probably a little imaginary- to be finally understood...
The ambiance has remained of that same level until the end.
Definitely these moments of intense sharing seem to me easier to reach here than in Paris... Is it just an idea?
Ich mag Berlin.
Thanks to everyone in Spinnrad, public, staff and... Erich
Bis nächste Mal...
La vraie vie du Piano-bar
11 févr. 2013

And in addition, this small text on my last parisian attempt of piano-bar.
Times are tough for musicians (but it’s not so much easier for the rest of the world, is it?)

Some think that I can be a pain in the ass.
Probably right.
But what would you think?
Last week I read an add on the web: piano player required.
I send an email.
An hour later someone calls and offers me 80EUR to play from 8:30pm to midnight, asking me to come and make an audition, not far from the Champs-Elysées.
Which I do the same day.
21st century decoration, modern luxury... But also unpersonal, not very warm.
A plastic smile on the face of the manager who has left me a few minutes waiting.
I introduce myself and play half an hour on a chinese cheap baby-grand... After what the guy offers me to play every wednesday.
I feel a bit uncomfortable with the setting and the staff’s elusive eyes. So I say that I’ll play the next wednesday as a test and then we’ll see.

To tell the truth, I have a little of evil with the fact that a place where the cheapest menu begins at thirty euros and which claims to be a MUSIC HALL pays 80EUR, undeclared.
How can they act so with impunity? In Paris 8eme?
I’m probably a bit naïve too...

Next wednesday, I dress myself properly and spend a bit of the afternoon practising to make sure that I’ll give the best I can.
When I get there, well... The two managers are at the bar, eyes stucked on their phones... I try to be polite and exchange a few words, but as I don’t like much speaking alone, I decide to start 10’ before schedule.
I play all night and it seems ok. I even get a few reserved applause at the end of the first set.
Suddenly, in the middle of a bossa nova, comes a waitress asking me, not even kindly, to play happy birthday for a couple at a table in the corner.
I hate to break a song in the middle but I do it...
At the end of the last set, I ask for the meal which I was told I was entitled to. The boss looks surprised: Oh! You should have asked before!
He tells a waiter to bring me a dish.
He does’nt bother to ask me what I would like...
The guy brings a plate, holding it by the edge as he would bring the mess tin to a dog, and notices that I also need a fork and a knife. He hands them to me.
Knuckle of lamb, vegetables... Ok.
It’s not bad, but full of sauce, and he could have given me a napkin. I ask for one (raising a little my eyes to heaven, I admit;-) and he gets immediately angry: I am not supposed to serve the pianist! It’s the first time I see that!
...Well! Me too!
Poor guy.

I remember these places where the butler took a real pleasure proposing me sophisticated specialities, serving me with the same sincere respect that he showed with his usual customers.
Then, after I finish my meal and while I start collecting my belongings, the waitress comes again, saying: Sir, you did’nt clear your plate!
Apparently it is an offence!

I quickly say that I did’nt know I was supposed to do so, as it’s my first time here and -fortunately- I never saw that before...

Finally, I ask the boss for my money, not trying anymore to look kind.
What’s the use?
I think my life is better than theirs.

Of course I don’t deny a little bitterness, thinking that in the 80’s, I earned between 500 and 700 frcs a night (tips included) and... 80 EUR, how much francs would it make?
...That was thirty years ago!
Back then, when they were giving me my money, the bosses would often thank me warmly.
Then, well... I walk home.
The night is not so cold and life is good anyway.
Well, really... I don’t think I’ll ever want to play again in this so called MUSIC-HALL

piano cafe
17 juin 2012

photos Jule Lavendel
January in Janus
26 janv. 2012

Berlin seems kinder to me than Paris where the live music places offering fair conditions become harder and harder to find. Surprisingly, there's as much musicians here but the music bar owners remain open and warm, just like the audience. The more I play here, the more I like it.
The evening in Janus the 24th was a piece of cake. My second gig with Erich Abshagen on bass. We played lots of standards that he knows as good as I and it rolled smooth and light for the fun of everyone in the room. Then came in a harmonica player from Colorado, Mark Tex Bell (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1qR3ItQhyA) versatile and excellent in the pure blues tradition, who added to the roots feeling already in the air (no amplification at all)
I’ll be back in march with Erich and probably in another place in Berlin, and I’ll try some new things. To be continued...
new news
11 janv. 2012

Happy new year!
I don’t know what this year will bring, but we’d better try to be optimistic;-)
I’m busy writing sheet music at the moment. That is a nine to five kind of job, but it is very rewarding, cause you know when you’re finished, which is not the case with practicing and recording.
For the new songs on the make, we will have to wait a little more...
Like I said, I’ll be in Berlin between the 19th and the 31st, and will be playing at Janus the 24, maybe with a little help from my friend Erich Abshagen on bass.
Tribute to Joe Lee Wilson
15 sept. 2011

Friday sept 16th Tribute to Joe Lee Wilson (check youtube, several nice songs) mit Bobby Few, Steve Mc Craven, Eddie Allen, Rassoul Siddik, Tom Mc Kenzie, W.Dockery, J.Betsch, S.Hakim, O.Defays, Dalenda, I;-), D.Murray
Au champs de Mars (Tour Eiffel)
I was surprised, everything went so well: nice weather, good music with fine musicians that I was very happy to meet and proud to play with.
Thank you Luc, Ryadh but mostly Jill... & Joe Lee
Watch the world
11 août 2011

Watch the sea (regarde la mer)
24 févr. 2011

The piece was written in 1978. I considered it for a long time the consequence of my admiring listening of Ry Cooder and others Randy Newman, in those years; it was first published on an album (with, at the tambourine and percs Mino Cinelu - yes! - who was not yet playing with the late Miles D.;-) but I realized when I began to work with the retired people (to make it short:I play and they sing) that it was in no way that, but almost a crossed reminiscence of several oldies...
That did not escape Jean-Michel Toulon who told me so after his first listening.
And then what ?, finally ... I do not feel really guilty, it’s my song.
Besides, I like the lyrics, which I slightly changed since then and whose responsibility I share with Jean-Michel Reusser.
I hope to have the opportunity to record the brass instruments soon, but with real players, we’ll see...

(photo Bernard Dupré)

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